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dear sir, I m 22 years unmarried boy.

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I am suffering from masturbation habit. I want to know that what is the disadvantage of masturbation? qki mujhe kuchh jyada hi hand sex ki habit pad gai hai. 2 month s mujhe glasses b lagne lage hai iske alawa mUjhe penis bada krne Aur sex power badhane ki koi best medicine btaiye. because AGR mai kisi sexuall activities k bare m sochta b hu to veerya nikl aata hai. so pls give me the best advice as soon as possible. Aur ye medicine kaha pe milegi? pls reply m as soon as possible plsss.

admin Answered question August 11, 2020

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Have a Healthy Day!!
Welcome to the world of health from Ayurveda conducted by Dr. Nikul Patel

Masturbation is a common habit in bachelors due to development of secondary sex characteristics.
In this age hormones are developing sexual urges to bachelor boy and girl.

Due to thinking for sex, seeing movies, reading erotic stories all those ways making a sexual feelings towards the youngsters

After this type of situation masturbation is a most common way to kill sexual willingness. And this way is very safe as social and sexual transmitted diseases.

Most of youngsters are habited to have masturbation once or twice a week. And this is not harmful if its once or twice a week.

More than twice a week masturbation leads to lack of shukra dhatu from body as per Ayurveda thought.
Lack of shukra dhatu will give weakness over physical body. Also it causes for weakness of memory, weakness of concentration too.

Also over masturbation leads early discharge and weak sexual strength over erection.
There is not any problem with penile size. Its natural and it cannot be increased, but you can make strong sexual stamina.

For Solution of this situation you should have to avoid over masturbation habit first. For that concentrate your goal and be active for getting goal.

Avoid too been alone, keep yourself mostly with friends and family members.

Keep regular schedules for wakeup, exercise, yoga and pranayam and also praying to God.

Avoid more spicy food and reading and watching of erotic substance.

Also advise to have three to four months of treatment before marriage for better sexual life, so you can contact at that time.

Please start the following Medicines for three and contact after for further medications and guidance.

Medicines for treatment
• Vrushya tab 2 tabs twice a day
• Medhya rasayan tab 2 tabs twice a day
• Chandraprabha vati 1 tab twice a day
• Kaucha paak 10 grams twice a day
• BM Oil for massage over the penis

Diet :
• Avoid Fermented and stale food
• Avoid food from outside selling
• Avoid Curd, Buttermilk, Lemon all sour and salty food,
• Avoid Oily and fried food
• Take Milk, dry fruits and fruits more
• Avoid Soda and salty food
• Avoid water melon only except all fruits.

I advise you following Yogasan and Pranayam Procedures for better results…
Yoga and Pranayam treatment
1. Paschimotanasan
2. Chakrashan
3. Sarvangasan
4. Uttanpadasan
5. Pavan muktasana
In Pranayama
1. Bhasrika pranayam
2. Anulom – vilom pranayam
3. Kapalbhanti pranayam

Note :
Advises given here are basis on safety and availability of everywhere. Although, result may depends on quality from manufacturer of medicines.

We also have available good quality medicines. We are making medicines on non-commercial basis, and only dispatching from our clinic only. Anyone can carry pure medicines from our place or order to get via courier all over world (Courier charges extra). For getting medicines by online consulting, please send email or send message on WhatsApp.

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admin Answered question August 11, 2020
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