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Need to Cure Fibromyalgia with Ayurveda medicines

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Hello Doctor
Hello I am from Puna and I am 28 years age. I have diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Currently put on 8kg weight due to the steroid treatment I was given for the fibromyalgia. Also on antidepresant, lyrica and anti anxiety drug. I was pregnant but had miscarriage. Now I want to get pregnant but I want this fibromyalgia pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and weight gain to get under control. So need help. I want to fall pregnant and have baby boy but I want to get better first. Can you please advise me if you have anything to offer?

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Welcome to LifeCareAyurveda powered by Dr. Nikul Patel

As per your Complain About fibromyalgia and you are dependent on steroid right now.
Due to steroids, you are putting on your weight and also you have a problem of insomnia and you want to get pregnant now.

As per the treatment in Ayurveda for your problem of fibromyalgia you should have to take a long time of treatment for a permanent cure. And one more thing, I like to share that in dependency on steroid; you can’t stop steroids at a stroke. At the primary level, you must have to continue current medication with the new Ayurveda medicines.
After getting such control with Ayurveda medicines we will reduce it step by step.

Now you should have to start these medicines of Ayurveda
1. Ajmodadi tablet 2 tabs twice a day with Water – before or after a meal
2. Vidangadi loh tablet 2 tabs twice a day with Water – before or after a meal
3. Dashang gugal 2 tabs twice a day with Water – before or after a meal
4. Smriti Sagar syrup 5 ml twice a day with Water – before or after a meal
5. Maha rasnadi kadha 10 ml twice a day with Water – before or after a meal
6. br. vaat chintamani ras 1 tab twice a day with honey

Panchkarma treatment Also Give you Quick and Permanent Solutions for this issue.
Please contact the nearest best Ayurveda Panchkarma Center and Request for..
Vaman Karma
Virechan Karma
Basti Karma
Shirodhara Karma
Abhyand Swedan
Uttarbasti Karma
Shashthi Shali Pind Swed
or ask for Full Panchkarma

Note :
Advises given here are the basis on safety and availability everywhere. Although, the result may depend on the quality of the manufacturer of medicines.

We also have available good quality medicines. We are making medicines on a non-commercial basis, and only dispatching from our clinic only. Anyone can carry pure medicines from our place or order to get via courier all over the world (Courier charges extra). For getting medicines by online consulting, please send an email or send a message on WhatsApp.

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