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I am having pcos i think and this has lead to unwanted growth of hair on different parts of my body

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I have irregular periods, hair fall, have premature graying of hair, weight is increasing, have unwanted hair on upper lips, neck, abdomen, chest, etc. I am sure I have PCOS. I am getting married in 2 years and I need to solve this condition as soon as possible. If, not completely, at least the treatment can stop it to increase.

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Welcome to the world of health from Ayurveda conducted by Dr. Nikul Patel

As you have irregular periods and unwanted hair over your body, cheeks, lips, abdomen, chest which should not to have on female body.

But this condition is only due to hormonal imbalances and you have also mentioned that you have Pcos too.

As per cosmetic vision most of people prefers to have cosmetic laser treatment, but it can give you temporary relief.

For permanent solution; it needed to have hormonal balances as well as it has to cure out from pcos.
An Ayurveda medicine gives good relief from the hormonal issues without any side effects. There is not sure as its cures 100% or not. But it can be helpful to stop from increasing of unwanted hair.

Please start the following Medicines for your problem on pcos and unwanted hair for 3-4 months and contact after for further medications and guidance.

Medicines for treatment
1. Kanchanaar gugal 2 tabs twice a day
2. Yograj gugal 2 tabs twice a day
3. Raj: pravartani vati 2 tabs twice a day
4. Chandraprabha vati 2 tabs twice a day

Diet :
1. Avoid Fermented and stale food
2. Avoid food from outside selling
3. Avoid Curd, Buttermilk, Lemon all sour and salty food,
4. Avoid Oily and fried food

I also advise you to have such Panchkarma therapies for fast recovery
Panchkarma treatment
1. Abhyan – swedan
2. Basti karma
3. Virechan karma
4. Shirodharakarma

I advise you following Yogasan and Pranayam Procedures for better results…
Yoga and Pranayam treatment
1. Paschimotanasan
2. Chakrashan
3. Sarvangasan
4. Uttanpadasan
5. Pavan muktasana
In Pranayama
1. Bhasrika pranayam
2. Anulom – vilom pranayam
3. Kapalbhanti pranayam

Note :
Advises given here are the basis on safety and availability everywhere. Although, the result may depend on the quality of the manufacturer of medicines.

We also have available good quality medicines. We are making medicines on a non-commercial basis, and only dispatching from our clinic only. Anyone can carry pure medicines from our place or order to get via courier all over the world (Courier charges extra). For getting medicines by online consulting, please send an email or send a message on WhatsApp.

You can get a consultation from the following address and timings

Dr. Nikul Patel
Ayurveda Consultant

Mobile : +91-98250 40844 ( do not call for free guidance)
WhatsApp :

Atharva Ayurveda Clinic and Panchkarma Center
307, Third Floor, Shalin Complex,
Krishnabaug, Maninagar,
Ahmedabad (Gujarat); India – 380008
Timings : 10.00 am to 6.30 pm (IST)
(Saturday – Sunday Closed)
Email :


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