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Fibroid outside the uterus

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Hello I am 38 years old and living in Dubai.

I have been detected with 8 cm Fibroid outside the uterus.
I do not have any symptoms mentioned by the doctor.
Doctors are advising the laparoscopy to remove the fibroid.

How we can cure this with Ayurveda ? please advice any medicine /treatment for the same..

Please advice and If it needed we can visit once to your hospital too.

admin Answered question August 7, 2020

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(EQA 101/118)

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Welcome to the world of health from Ayurveda conducted by Dr. Nikul Patel

As per your Complain About fibroid outside of your uterus and it’s also a benign tumour as it’s non-cancerous type only.

In this type of cases, there is the only way of operation to remove the fibroid in modern science. but you can also make it dissolve with Ayurveda treatment also….

Because Ayurveda way is the only way of treatment which can remove the root cause for any health related problems and as per the way a patient can get restoration of health.

You can also visit for the treatment to Ahmadabad or you can also order medicines to your place. We are providing treatment by courier services too.


Please start the following Medicines of Ayurveda

Kanchnaar gugal 2 tabs twice a day with Water – before or after meal

Pradar tab 2 tabs twice a day with Water – before or after meal

Varunadi ghan 2 tabs twice a day with Water – before or after meal

Ashoka compund 10 ml twice a day with Water – before or after meal

Panchkarma treatment Also Give you Quick and Permanent Solutions for this issue.

Please contact the nearest best Ayurveda Panchkarma Center and Request for..

Uttarbasti Karma

I advise you following Yogasan and Pranayam Procedures for better results…
Yoga and Pranayam treatment
1. Paschimotanasan
2. Chakrashan
3. Sarvangasan
4. Uttanpadasan
5. Pavan muktasana
In Pranayama
1. Bhasrika pranayam
2. Anulom – vilom pranayam
3. Kapalbhanti pranayam

Note :
Advises given here are the basis on safety and availability everywhere. Although, the result may depend on the quality of the manufacturer of medicines.

We also have available good quality medicines. We are making medicines on a non-commercial basis, and only dispatching from our clinic only. Anyone can carry pure medicines from our place or order to get via courier all over the world (Courier charges extra). For getting medicines by online consulting, please send an email or send a message on WhatsApp.

You can get a consultation from the following address and timings

Dr. Nikul Patel
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Mobile : +91-98250 40844 ( do not call for free guidance)
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